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My card is showing multiple charges.

If your card was declined at checkout or the order did not go through, likely means the billing information you entered at checkout does not match the information the bank issued for the card. We suggest checking the name, address (specifically the zip code) or try using an alternate card. Credit cards usually work better in these cases. We find debit cards are way more sensitive when ordering through the security on our site.

Depending on the card/bank it may appear to be an actually charge however all declined charges are "pending" transactions on your bank accounts or called "holds." When a debit or credit card number is submitted, it is transmitted as an electronic inquiry to determine if funds are available to cover the potential transaction. Your bank automatically places a hold on the amount until the merchant (aka Eagle Eye) clears, settles, or cancels the transaction (usually at the close of business each day). 

Since your order did not go through due to the error at checkout it will automatically be canceled and the hold (charge) will drop off in 1-5 business days, depending on your issuing bank’s policy (every bank is different). If your card is showing that multiple “pending holds" that is because the submit button was pressed more than once at checkout with an error. You would need to contact your bank to see what their policy is on how long they hold the funds before releasing them back to you. Often after 2 or 3 attempts with incorrect information the bank/card will decline the additional attempted charges because it has hit their fraud filters due to the multiple attempts.

If you need these funds released from hold immediately, we suggest calling your bank and have them call us direct and we can confirm the attempted transactions need to be released. If they need an official faxed letterhead please acquire the fax number, name we should send it to, and what information they will need in the fax from you bank contact. If you have any further questions about this please chat with us.

If you need further assistance checking out or believe there is a different error occuring during checkout please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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