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Is there a Bogg Bag purchase limit?

Yes, we are now enforcing a 6 bag limit to orders (per size).

We will be refunding any shipping overages over $5 from the actual shipping cost when you buy more than 2 Bogg Bags. Currently, there is a flat rate fee per bag in place and we cannot calculate the shipping price until after your order has been shipped due to several factors (shipping destination, weight, # of bags, box size, etc).

Bogg Bag shipping rates are set based on the size of the box. It is an oversized bag/box, therefore it costs more to ship. While we wish we could offer free shipping on Bogg Bags, we are a small business and cannot offer it at this time due to the UPS/USPS rates. As we grow our online business, we hope to leverage better rates from UPS/USPS/FedEX and offer lower shipping rates to our faithful customer base.

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