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Bogg Bags

Discover answers to all of your Bogg Bag questions at Eagle Eye Outfitters Bogg Bags FAQ.

Are your Bogg Bags authentic?

Yes, we are an official retailer for Bogg Bags. You can find our credentials on their Bogg Bag website store locator.

Can I use a coupon with Bogg Bags?

Bogg Bag products are currently excluded from coupon use. Learn more about our coupon brand exclusions.

Did your Bogg Bag straps come twisted?

Don’t worry, your beloved Bogg Bag is not defective or broken. Simply twist the strap around by the base of the "b" button until the handle pops into place. This simple twirling motion will get them back in the correct position. Please DO NOT attempt

Do you have any large Bogg Bags left in stock?

If you would like to be notified when we have restocks, you may sign up for Bogg Bag email alerts by clicking on the following link (look for the dark blue bar): https://shopeagleeye.com/boggbags.

Do you cover the return shipping cost of a Bogg Bag?

In accordance with our return policy we are unable to provide prepaid shipping labels and/or cover the cost of your return unless the item was deemed to be a mistake by Eagle Eye Outfitters or was damaged during transit. Please be aware that Original

I ordered multiple Bogg Bags, when will I get the refund on shipping?

Multiple Bogg Bags purchased in one order will NOT be refunded as the current Bogg Bag flat rate shipping promotion is a reduced shipping cost. We will be refunding any shipping overages over $5 from the actual cost when you buy additional non Bogg a

When will my Bogg Bag Ship?

Bogg Bags are shipped within 24-48 hours of order being placed and are shipped via flat-rate ground. View our US Ground map here (ShopEagleEye.com/Shipping) to determine the estimated amount of transit days for delivery via USPS/UPS ground services w

Why is Bogg Bag shipping so much?

We are currently running a $10 flat rate (per bag) shipping promotional rate on all Original Bogg Bags, Baby Bogg Bags, and Bogg Bag Canvas Collection bags. Due to the oversize natural of these bags, the typically shipping rate is $20-$40 per bag.

Why is my shipping more than $10?

If you are purchasing a Bogg Bag and your shipping is more than our current $10 flat rate Bogg Bag shipping promotion, it is because: You have more than one Bogg Bag in your cart. You have additional items in your cart along with a Bogg Bag.

How much is Bogg Bag shipping?

The Original Bogg Bag Large is currently a $10 flat shipping rate per bag and Original Baby Bogg Bag Small is currently available for an $8 flat shipping rate per bag. These are promotional rates as typical shipping prices range from $15-$40 or more