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Discover answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Eagle Eye Outfitters online orders.


A product on my order is not available. What does that mean?

There are a variety of reasons why this has happened. Sometimes products are ordered before the inventory on our site has updated. In cases of products with low inventory, orders that are processed first will be allocated the stock. We will contact y

Can I cancel my online order?

We immediately start to process your order as soon as it’s placed. There may not be a delay that allows us time to cancel or change orders once they’re submitted. Feel free to contact our Customer Support Team to inquire if we might be able to still

Can I get a price adjustment for items now on sale?

Currently we do not participate in price adjustments for items purchased prior to going on sale.

Can you special order an item?

At Eagle Eye Outfitters we are committed to serving our customers. Special orders are a service we offer on items we do not carry on a regular basis or are out of stock of (with no plan to restock). Please read the following guidelines: No sales or

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with a link to track the order on the carrier's website. Please note: It may take 24-48 hours for your tracking information to reflect details on UPS or USPS website. If you

How do I check the status of my order?

If you have an Eagle Eye Outfitters online account on our website and place an order after setting up your online account, Click here to check the status of your order. Please note if you check out as a guest, this functionality will not work. We do

My card is showing multiple charges.

If your card was declined at checkout or the order did not go through, likely means the billing information you entered at checkout does not match the information the bank issued for the card. We suggest checking the name, address (specifically the z

My order never went through.

If you are getting an error at checkout this typically is caused because the billing information you entered does not match the information the bank issued for the card. We suggest checking the name, address (specifically the zip code) or try using a

The address I typed is correct, but it is not accepting my order, What should I do?

Does the address you typed match the address on file with the credit card company? If it does, and you still encounter a problem, please call our Customer Support Team at 334-446-4887 or chat with us.

What does processing/awaiting fulfillment mean?

Your order has now been forwarded to the warehouse for shipment. Orders usually ship in 1-3 business days. Items that require a longer shipping time are noted on the product page and the customer will be notified by email of the delayed shipping stat

When will I receive my order?

Click here to see a list of estimated shipping times for in-stock merchandise to be shipped from our warehouse and delivered to you. Please note that all "Estimated Shipping" arrival times quoted at the time of check out, are estimates and not guaran

Where can I leave feedback of my online or in-store experience?

Whether you'd like to compliment an outstanding Eagle Eye Outfitters employee, suggest a change, or provide feedback about a disappointment, your comments are always welcome. Please contact us here to leave your  feedback.

My order says it was delivered but I have not received it.

If you received an email that states your order was delivered but you did not receive it, please do the following. 1. Check all around your property and check with neighbors in case it was delivered there. 2. We advise you to wait one day as sometime

There was an error in what I received for my order.

If you received your order and something was incorrect in what you received, please notify us within 1 week of the receipt of your order (with proof of the error) so we can try to correct the error. If notified after 1 week, we are not able to verify